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🗞️ Search Updates & News from Search Engines

Microsoft: 71% Of Searchers Give The New Bing Search AI Experience A Thumbs Up
Barry Schwartz / Bing Search Trends
Microsoft published a new blog post on the Bing blog about its learnings from its first week with the new Bing AI search and chat feature being live, saying the new Bing experience has mostly been "positive", with 71% of users giving the AI-powered answers a thumbs up in the interface.

Microsoft responds as ‘Bing ChatGPT’ starts to send alarming messages
Andrew Griffin / Bing Search Trends
Weird behaviour may be result of chatbot becoming confused or trying to match people’s tone, company claims.

How should AI systems behave, and who should decide?
OpenAI / AI Search
OpenAI clarifies how ChatGPT’s behavior is shaped and their plans for improving that behavior, allowing more user customization, and getting more public input into our decision-making in these areas.

Google publishes new link best practices
Barry Schwartz / Google Search Best Practices
Google has published a new link best practices in their SEO and search developer documentation. Originally a document about how to create crawlable links, now also features information about anchor text placements, how to write good anchor texts, internal links within your content, external links from other sites, and more.

Google: Don't use 403s or 404s for rate limiting
Gary Illyes / Google Search Best Practices
Over the last few months Google has noticed an uptick in website owners and some content delivery networks (CDNs) using 404 and other 4xx client errors (but not 429) to attempt to reduce Googlebot's crawl rate. Don't do it. Gary shares what to do instead.

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👌This week's SEO Awesomeness

AI: The Shiny New Object in Search
Holly Miller Anderson / AI Search
Holly analyzes how hypothetically, even if Bing has a superior search product with the addition of AI, it’s still all about adoption and preference and doing what’s easiest. The consumer POV is: “What app is on my phone that I feel gives me the fastest, most reliable, accurate results?” That wins every time.

I have full access to Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing. Here’s what it’s like for SEO
Brodie Clark / AI Search
Brodie reviews the new Bing from both a user’s and an SEO professional’s perspective, along with some general thoughts on its usefulness.

The Google “Code Red” That Triggered Thousands of “Code Reds” at Publishers: Bard, Bing Chat, And The Potential Impact of AI in the Search Results
Glenn Gabe / AI Search
Glenn analyzes the potential impact of chat bot interfaces in search for publishers that rely on that traffic for revenue: Will clicks from the SERPs get pummeled like we think it might?

5 Key Considerations for Winning SEO Buy-In – Whiteboard Friday [Video]
Petra Kis-Herczegh / SEO Management
Petra takes you through the main considerations you need to pay attention to when explaining the value of your work: commitment, concerns and objections, status versus purpose, and prioritization.

Best Practices for Paywalls and SEO
Barry Adams / Publications SEO
More publishers are exploring subscription models to generate revenue. Paywalls are powerful mechanisms for monetisation, but there are SEO risks involved. Barry explains them as well as shares best practices to avoid issues.

Affiliate SEO: We Analysed 10,000 Search Results to See Who Ranks
Glen Allsopp / Affiliates SEO
Glen analyzed 10K search results populated by sites promoting products as an affiliate and discovered that of the top 100 domains ranked by how many search results they appeared in, 95 of them were part of news organisations, public companies or large site networks, along with many other insights.

19 Things to Ask Your Link Building Agency (If You Want to Stay on the Safe Side)
Alexandra Tachalova / Link Building
Are you looking for a link building agency to help with your SEO strategy? Before you hire the wrong agency, make sure to ask them these 19 essential questions.

Stages of Building a Content Program Framework [Video]
John Doherty / Content Optimization
A comprehensive video from John explaining how to build from scratch and scale a content program for your business.

The Race Gap in SEO Authorship 2023 [Report]
Jadesola Kareem / SEO Industry
A research from the Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries shows the lack of racial diversity across the SEO industry top publications, and share a few tips to change it.

⚡ How a simple Ahrefs based research got a Search Intelligence client a placement on IMDB, links on Yahoo News, MSN and more

In today's case study, Fery shares how you don't always need large datasets to land links, Ahrefs or any search volume tool is a goldmine for PR link building, as they enable you to execute quick PR campaigns based on search volume data. Below are just a few PR research examples that can be easily done with Ahrefs search volume data:

  • The nation's favourite shoe colour, according to Google search data
  • The nations' favourite takeaways, according to Google
  • These are the most common computer issues in the UK, according to Google searches
  • These are the most popular cryptocurrencies in Europe, according to Google

Here's a step by step of how they executed this PR piece, which turned out to be extremely successful with minimal effort:

  • They made a list of 152 films deemed to be considered confusing according to various articles online, as well as a Ranker . com list
  • They used Ahrefs to identify the search volume for all 152 movies, by using keywords such as "movie_name explained"
  • Once they had a good list and a top 100+, we've created a press release where we explained our findings.

Learn about the next steps in the full case study here

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Free Google Sheet & Script to Train GPT-3 on your own data
Danny Richman
Experiment and understand how to upload your own data to GPT-3 as Embeddings. Watch this demo video and get a copy of the sheet.

Optimo's SEO Title & Meta Description AI Generator
Describe the theme of your page and let Optimo AI tool write the perfect title tag and meta description for you.

Structured Data SERP Explorer
Insert a keyword and get structured data for its top 10 ranked pages on Google Search.

Hreflang checker
Christian Hänsel
Check the configuration of your hreflang implementation via HTML head tags, HTTP headers or XML sitemaps.

AI Engine: A Wordpress Plugin featuring ChatGPT, GPT-3 Content Generation, AI Tools & Playground
Jordy Meow
Ready to take your WordPress site to the next level with the power of AI? The AI Engine plugin is here to help: Generate new content, titles and excerpts for your posts, AI playground, ChatGPT-like chatbot for your website (shortcode), and more.

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