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The April 16th, 2023 edition of #SEOFOMO is here
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🗞️ Search Updates & News from Search Engines

Google releases April 2023 reviews update
Danny Goodwin / Google Search Updates
Google has released the April 2023 reviews update while changing the name of its “product reviews system” to “reviews system” and altering the language in multiple parts of its guidance documentation around product reviews to now apply to all types of reviews.

Google is simplifying Video Presentation On Google Search Results
Google Search Central / Google Search Updates
Google has updated its video thumbnail results so that they only appear next to Google search results when the video is the main content of a page.

Google Bard adds more search topics to “Google it” button and has a release notes document to track updates
Barry Schwartz / Google Search Updates
Google Bard is making it easier for people to explore more topics within Google Search by using the “Google it” button and has now also published a new “updates” page that is a change log or set of release notes for what is new with it.

How we fought spam on Google Search in 2022
Google Search Central / Google Search Status
In 2022 Google launched multiple updates to their systems to ensure a spam-free experience for all Search users. Learn more about what they've done and found in 2022 in this report.

Google planning new search engine while working on new search features under Project Magi
Barry Schwartz / Google Search Trends
Google is in the process of building an “all-new search engine” powered by its new A.I. technology while at the same time working on adding new A.I.-based features to its current search engine under the project name Magi.

Bing on Private Domain Registration & SEO
Barry Schwartz / Bing Search Q&A
We know Google says there is no pro or con to using private domain registration for SEO or Google ranking purposes. But Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing has hinted that it might be a ranking signal for Bing.

English Google SEO office-hours from April 2023 [Audio]
Google Search Central / Google Search Q&A
A recording of the Google SEO office-hours from April 2023: Is using 410 for Googlebot and 200 for users OK? How does Google handle 308 status code compared to 301? Learn more about these and many other topics!

Analyzing Search Performance Data With Bubble Charts [Video]
Daniel Waisberg / Search Console Training
Bubble charts are a great way to visualize multiple metrics and dimensions at once, making it easy to see relationships and patterns in your data. Learn about how to use them to analyze Google Search Console performance metrics for queries and devices to help surface query optimization opportunities.

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⚡ Your Guide to an Effective SEO Content Brief

Creating high-quality SEO content with a strong content brief is hard enough. Creating high-quality content from a half-baked or incomplete content brief is nearly impossible. That’s why we’re saving you time—and several headaches—with our definitive content brief template and step-by-step guide.

Give it a read and learn how to create content briefs that will:

  1. Foster collaboration across teams.
  2. Standardize your content creation and request processes.
  3. Reduce the dreaded feedback loop.
  4. Ensure content is optimized to drive relevant traffic from the start

Check out our in-depth guide, put the downloadable template to use, and build a truly scaleable content creation process.

👌This week's SEO Awesomeness

Bard’s Hypocrisy: Google Isn’t Following Their Own Advice With AI Chatbot
Brodie Clark / Search Trends
Brodie explains why Google’s limited use of links to publisher websites within their AI chatbot are hypocritical, not playing by the same rules or contributing back to the ecosystem that has fueled their success.

How to Get Bard to Show Your Local Business: Advice from the Source
Miriam Ellis / Local SEO
Does the coming of Bard change what you should be doing as a local business marketer? Miriam goes through it in this guide.

NLP: How Is It Useful In SEO?
Jess Peck / General SEO
What is NLP, and how is it useful in SEO? Jess examines the challenges, scenarios and possibilities of using NLP for SEO.

Machine Learning Examples In The Real World (And For SEO)
Ruth Everett / SEO Automation
Learn with Ruth about types of machine learning and take inspiration from many real-world examples and eight of them directly applied to SEO.

How to build an E-E-A-T strategy for local SEO
Harmony Huskinson / Local SEO
A comprehensive article from Harmony that explores how to incorporate E-E-A-T efforts within your local SEO strategy.

7 proven methods to explain the value of SEO
Andrew Holland / General SEO
Andrew explains how reporting on these seven metrics and providing proper context can facilitate to communicate the value of SEO to stakeholders.

SEO & Reputation Management: An In-Depth Guide
Helen Pollitt / General SEO
SEO is a crucial factor to shape and control your brand narrative in the SERPs. Here is a guide with essential tips for using SEO to manage your online reputation.

Applying the Cynefin Framework to Enhance Decision Making and SEO Project Management
Natzir Turrado / SEO Management
Accurate SEO decisions are challenging in a volatile world. The Cynefin framework guides managing complex situations. Learn to handle the most common scenarios through this guide.

How Google’s Selective Link Priority Impacts SEO (2023 Study)
Cyrus Shepard / General SEO
Links are important to SEO, but when Page A links to Page B multiple times, which anchor text will Google use? Cyrus has found that Google doesn't treat all links equally. Read more here!

5 Python scripts for automating SEO tasks
John McAlpin / SEO Automation
Looking to streamline your SEO workflows? These five scripts are great starting points for exploring the possibilities of Python in SEO.

Hreflang XML Sitemap Generator Using Python & ChatGPT
Botpresso / SEO Automation
Learn how to create an hreflang sitemap for your international website targeting multiple geographies using ChatGPT and a Python script.

Practical Tips for Presenting SEO Projects to Executives — Whiteboard Friday [Video]
Bethan Vincent / SEO Management
How to effectively communicate SEO to non-technical decision makers and stakeholders? Bethan walks you through her top five tips for sharing your work with the C-suite.

Pitching & Structuring an SEO Talk - V1 by Aleyda Solis [Template]
Yours Truly / SEO Careers
Do you want to start speaking but don't know how to pitch and structure your talk? Here's an easy-to-follow format I've been using myself and help SEOs I've mentored that can be helpful for you too.

⚡ How a Digital PR Campaign about "What to Eat After a night of Little Sleep" earned 17 backlinks and placements from Mirror, HuffPost, Yahoo News

In today's case study, Fery from Search Intelligence shares how they developed a digital PR campaign that landed 17 links and placements in publications such as Mirror, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, MSN, and many more UK news websites.

For the campaign, they sent expert commentary to UK journalists about "What people should eat after a night of little sleep" for a client with expertise in beds and sleeping that provided insights and tips.

In this post, he reveals the idea, the execution (4 steps), the pitch (with screen share), the results, the cost and a lesson.

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🛠 Free SEO Tools of the Week

Browse GPT
Vipul Bhavsar
Ask any question on a webpage and get a contextual answer. Get the information you need, where you need it, without ever leaving the page.

Meta Tag Generator
Sam Underwood
Input your website's information and generate perfectly optimized meta tags effortlessly.

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⚡ Reveal New Growth Opportunities with More SERP Feature Data in Semrush

Semrush just updated the Organic Research SERP Feature data! Previously, SERP feature rankings and organic positions were grouped together in one row.

You can now track:

  • SERP feature positions and estimated traffic separate from traditional organic positions
  • SERP feature trends over time on a daily basis
  • Estimated traffic a domain gets from SERP features alone

There has been also an increase in the amount of SERP features you can track from 24 to 38.

Learn more here!

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